Hemos respondido algunas de las preguntas más populares que nos hacen sobre la empresa para darle una idea de con quién tratará.



How old is Anychance S.L.?

Anychance was created in April 2008

What is Anychance's core business activity?

We began by providing a range of business services to the restaurant sector to allow management to focus on doing what they do best.  we now have the experience and expertise to provide services to a wide range of different organisations.

How many staff does Anychance employ?

We began with 10 experts in 2018 and have grown to satisfy the demand of the companies that currently hire our services.  We now have a workforce of more than 45 skilled professionals.

Do your employees work to a high standard?

We always aim to recruit and retain the best workers for each service sector through a vigorous interview process, ongoing training and quarterly staff appraisals.  We pride ourselves on the skill levels, qualifications and professionalism of our employees.

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